Sharon Dennis


In December 2016 I completed my training with Wycliffe Bible Translators at Redcliffe College in preparation for a role as a Scripture Engagement worker. I also completed the Elim Missions Academy in June 2017. Alongside the practical nature of my role, the academy also drew attention to the fact that any success will only be born out of a vibrant relationship with the Lord.

On Sunday 15th October 2017 I was commissioned by my local church- with the presence of Elim’s Mission Director and Wycliffe personnel. I anticipate being able to fly out to Chad in February 2018, providing that my financial target is met. In the meantime, I will be resigning from my job in mid-November in order to focus on departure preparations and fundraising. 

In Chad, I will be seconded to work with SIL (previously know as Summer Institute of Linguistics). SIL are Wycliffe’s main partner organisation and I will spend the first six months in N’Djamena, the capital, running the SIL guest house. This will give me the opportunity for language learning, building relationships and getting to grips with the culture. It is during this time that we will make a final decision about where in the country I will be based.

My Journey

I come from a Christian home and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour in my mid-teens. In the early years I read about Paul’s missionary journeys and told the Lord that I wouldn’t mind doing something like that! After beginning work, I was in touch with mission organisations but nothing connected with me. Life changed, I changed and this desire somehow became less focussed. Language-learning however, remained a passion. Sometimes I would chide myself for spending so much on French and Spanish without a vision of how I would use them. 

Between 2005-2006 I took a year-out and worked with four organisations in four different parts of the world. In 2007, while reflecting on this year-out with my senior pastors I decided to attend a ‘Windows on Wycliffe’ week. I was invited to consider what God’s Word meant to me and the impact the Bible has had on my life. At the end of the week I told the Lord that I would apply to Wycliffe, in a number of years time, if I still felt the same way. I was accepted by Wycliffe in 2016.

My Vision 

Although I am not yet in Chad, I am on the prayer mailing list and so receive current updates of what is happening on the ground. It is both exciting and challenging. On the one hand, opportunities are opening up for work amongst and across more language groups. On the other hand, personnel are needed to take on specific roles and funds are needed to boost capacity in a number of areas as well as to upgrade the SIL centre in N’Djamena.

At this moment in time, my personal aspirations are that I will fit in well to the existing team and work well to advance the excellent work that is already being done.


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