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Elim Sound in the Nations 2019

2019 sees Elim Sound visit six nations partnering with Elim Global. We'll be leading worship, training worship leaders and building relationships with Elim Global partners, leaders and worship teams.

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What part can you play in the story?

As Elim Sound extend the reach of partnership, worship and mission in 2019 we want to take you on the adventure with us!


Will you pray?  We recognise and value the awesome power of prayer! Please commit to pray as each team heads out on mission. Prior to each trip, we will release a custom-made prayer card focusing on key areas of purpose, travel and itinerary.


Could you partner with us financially? As we sow into each mission there will be cost to cover and any contribution no matter how small will be joyfully received and invested.

You can give by texting ELIMSOUND to 64647 - this will then send you to a link to Paythru.


Will you follow? During each trip, we will use social media to share the life of Christ in the places we visit and people we meet. Travel with us and check in with our social media platforms to follow the adventure. 



Can you share the story? The pursuit of a mission and the sound of worship is GOOD NEWS! We invite you to share the story as we travel. Invite others to pray, give, follow and share the stories of worshipful mission. We’re in this together!





Easter is coming up - What songs are you planning to use?
Over the ten days the team visited Chennai, Bihar and Bangalore. Leading musical worship to thousands, training hundreds as well as speaking at three Aspire Events and visiting church projects.
'We Say Yes' is currently getting a lot of traction. We wanted to make sure you have all the resources you need.
Have you ever wondered why Christians gather all over the globe weekly to sing together? Why does corporate singing feature in almost all of our regular meetings?
With such a bold title for her second album you could be forgiven for thinking that Fiona is indeed growing in confidence with this new release, building on the success of her 2015 album ‘Made to Love’


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