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Iain Hesketh

Investing in missions and the life of others

Iain Hesketh shares how Elim Church Selly Oak invests in the life of one worship leader who impacts the lives of many, facilitating mission and ministry as they support Elim Cambodia.

Our connection with the work in Cambodia goes back several years to when we began supporting the Be Free project. From that time on the bond between our church and Elim Cambodia has increased, especially following my first visit in 2014.


It was on this visit I had the privilege of meeting Sarak for the first time. He was a young leader, but I could tell he was full of potential and enthusiasm for serving Jesus in and through the church.

One of the highlights of that first visit was when I went to Sarak’s home village and witnessed the way he and his wife Sophea led around 100 children in worship.


I believe that our church community has been enriched by investing in something beyond ourselves. We live in a world that is often so self-absorbed and eager to protect what they have.

We, of course, are not like that, we have a new way of viewing life yet sometimes we can have such a narrow outlook by keeping what we have close to home. That is why our leadership team made a decision to invest in Sarak in the way we do.


In all honesty, we don’t just see him as a worship leader - as evidenced by that fact his is now leading one of the church plants in Kep - but as someone who will lead in whatever he does.

For us at Elim Church Selly Oak, it is a joy to give generously to Elim Cambodia to facilitate mission and ministry by investing in Sarak. Knowing that our support is releasing him to do all that he is called to do is a privilege!

If you are not already doing so, maybe you could consider extending your generosity abroad? Find out more.

About Iain Hesketh

Iain is the Lead Pastor at Elim Church Selly Oak. He is married to Rachel and they have two daughters. You can follow him on Twitter at @revhesk.


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