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Who we are

The Elim Prayer Network came into being over 30 years ago to coordinate prayer across the Movement. It started as a small group, known then as the Elim Prayer Partnership, that met weekly in the Elim International Offices, Cheltenham. The group met to pray for issues to do with the life and ministry of Elim.

In recent years the prayer ministry has expanded and now calls upon the prayers of hundreds of partners in Elim churches throughout the UK. The influence of the Elim Prayer Network has gone beyond its original borders and is playing a vital role, not only in the life of Elim, but also in the wider prayer and church scene. The Network works in partnership with other national prayer streams in seeking to raise the profile of prayer within churches.

The Elim Prayer Network, for example, plays a vital role within the various prayer groupings that meet at Westminster. This helps Ministers and members to stay informed about prayer matters relating to Parliament.

The Network is also involved in a nationwide preaching and teaching arm led by Alistair Cole, which includes preaching at national, regional and local prayer events. The ministry seeks to facilitate joint town or city-wide prayer initiatives, and is involved in the training of intercessors.

A quarterly National Prayer Bulletin is published and sent out to prayer partners, Pastors, and prayer leaders in Elim Churches. This bulletin features prayer priorities for all aspects of Elim's work, but also reflects prayer needs relating to the wider Church and national scene.


Prayer Bulletins

If you are interested in receiving the Elim Prayer Network bulletins by email and joining those that pray regularly for the work of Elim, please submit your request using the form below.

The Elim Prayer Network Team

Contact the individual members by clicking the link in their photograph.

For further information on any aspect of the work of the Elim Prayer Network, please email Alistair Cole or call 01457 866177.

Alistair Cole

Alistair coordinates the work of the Network and spearheads the national preaching and teaching programme. He represents Elim at major Prayer Conferences and networks with other national prayer leaders.

Harold Afflu

Harold is Associate Pastor at Ipswich International Church. Harold is involved in the training and releasing of intercessors. He is actively working with prayer groups both in the local and national scene.

Chris Wallis

Chris is currently leading The Vine Fellowship, St Ives, Cornwall. Chris is involved in prayer strategy in the field of ‘Governmental Issues’, and works with Christians in Parliament. He is playing a lead role establishing the Cornwall House of Prayer in the Penwith area.

Roger Grassham

Roger is involved in the City Market Place/Transformation Newham project in the East End of London; an initiative that carries a strong prayer and prophetic base. He is also a partner in the team promoting Global Day of Prayer (London) events.

June Freudenberg

June represents the Elim Prayer Network in Parliament and is playing a lead role in the prayer groupings that meet on a regular basis in the Palace of Westminster.

John Bullock

John heads up the ‘Sporting Marvels’ network based in Porth, South Wales, a mission that has at its core a powerful prayer base. John has also been used in overseas missions working in partnership with prayer groupings in Tanzania.

Sarah Whittleston

Sarah serves as Associate Pastor at Elim Kingstanding, Birmingham and is also part of the national Serious4God team. Her role on the Elim Prayer Network is as a liaison from S4G and to encourage community, youth and creative prayer.

Moyo Ayeni

Moyo is an assistant pastor at Elim Christian Centre, Barking, where she has responsibility for community and prayer. Her role on the Elim Prayer Network is as consultant associate.

Dave & Sue Hanratty

Dave and Sue are part of the St Helens Christian Life Centre where Dave is an associate pastor. Their role on the Elim Prayer Network is wells of revial prayer ministries.

Ian Anderson

Ian is pastor at Bethel Elim church, Neath. His role on the Elim Prayer Network is as consultant associate/conference exhibitions.

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